Anzema is an executive consultancy focused on the enterprise; we specialize in delivering value for governments, family businesses, family offices and publicly listed companies that drives desired outcomes for business process, technology, venture capital, acquisitions, and marketing.


Venture capitalists are the business professionals most closely focused on funding and growing innovation in the economy. Anzema specializes in helping large institutions integrate the VC approach to analyzing businesses, financial modeling, valuations, business process re-engineering & technology selection. A fundamental concept in business process improvement is the use of scientific and creative methods for problem solving. By bringing the ideal resources and well-timed planning to an organization while merging it with the testing central to scientific analysis, Anzema helps bring down long term costs and achieve much greater value.

  • Business process mapping
  • Business & strategy analytical tools
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial modeling
    • Valuation using DCF and comps
  • Seed stage, 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round advisory for companies raising funds
  • VC advice for large institutions and government agencies wanting to uprgrade their innovation
  • Budgeting
  • Outsourced executive support & management
    • investment pitches

Transforming government services from paper to electronic does not alone transform a service to a seamless modern customer friendly experience. Anzema specializes in working with governments focusing on making services easier to use with the least amount of steps possible. We do not get lost focusing only on high tech solutions, but also look at management techniques, human resources and a philosophy of customer service. We utilize and study the standards set by Smart Dubai & the Dubai Government Excellence Program in combination with best international practice.

  • Government service process mapping
  • Technology evaluation and acquisition
  • Enterprise software selction and advisory
  • Big data analysis
    • Data Collection -- how to capture structured and unstructured data
    • Data Analysis -- Transforming the data into knowledge and coherent business decisions
    • Sharing the Knowledge Acquired
    • Machine Learning -- Through decision and behavioral data collection, create automated adjustments to your business process
  • Developing customer service centered approach
    • Develop processes
    • Customer service training
    • Surveys
    • Setting up call centers

IT integrators & Web Developers usually have one goal: attracting their customers towards their preferred method of IT service delivery. Many specialize in one technical ecosystem like Microsoft, Oracle, Apple or Google. Anzema is solution and platform agnostic which means we are more focused on unlocking value than on evangelizing for our preferred technology. If hiring an external technology vendor for an advanced technology platform is the best solution, we propose it.  If a quick templated solution is sufficient for a tight deadline, we do it. And as fast as possible.

  • Enterprise solutions
    • CRM
    • Elearning
    • ERP
  • Technology evaluation and project management
  • Enterprise web development
  • Mobile Apps

Cutting through the distraction of advertising and marketing to reach a target audience is more challenging than ever. Engaging these targets require distinct powerful visuals and messages backed up by rigorous analytical techniques to track results and identify targets. Sometimes it means realizing old school approaches are as relevant as ever: for example an outbound sales team may be the point of failure rather than digital lead generation. We take a holistic approach to our marketing and design contracts, because our reputation is on the line. We don't just provide a pretty website and walk away. We are sincere. We want your success as much as ours.

  • International PR Consulting
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Digital Advertising Consulting
  • Beautiful design marketing driven Web portals to achieve business objectives
  • Content that delivering the message
  • Message development using market segmentation
  • Web analytics
  • SEO
  • Sales process consulting
  • Sales activity support