• Unlike most traditional consulting firms in the region, who pretend that whatever they happen to offer is super innovative, we do systematic research on the latest scientific breakthroughs, startups, and disruptive technologies in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Singapore, Tokyo, and Eastern Europe etc.
  • By bringing the scientific method to decision making, businesses can save money by first testing the simplest solutions, tracking early results, and then deciding whether to commit more resources.

CASE STUDY: Saudi Publicly Listed Company

A Saudi Publicly Listed Company needed a confidential and varied approach to evaluating partnerships impacting their technology stack, employee retention, evaluating early stage technology ventures, strategic implementation and running a mergers and acquisitions process. Anzema specializes in this transformation that uses a Venture Capital mindset to bridge the gap between finance and technology.

CASE STUDY: Developed A Strategic Roadmap for Innovation

Built an executive level strategic roadmap for a Dubai government entity in Arabic that incorporated the various KPIs from the Dubai Government Excellence Program

CASE STUDY: Bringing Innovation to the hosting of an International Congress in Dubai

As a Dubai government ministry needed to throw an international event in partnership with a UN chartered agency, they turned to Anzema to quickly develop an integrated IT strategy for a website, conference registration and project management to ensure that they were able to meet expectatations of senior directors in under no time.

CASE STUDY: Real-time Analytics for Pro-active IT Support

Nexthink, a leading technology vendor, provided an IT analytics system to Gulftainer to implement compliance standards, IT governance, application standardization, application use and real-time visibility of our IT infrastructure. Nexthink allowed them to strengthen internal security, identify problems quickly and help support teams to provide faster response, lower-cost support while improving end-user satisfaction. Read more from the press release here

CASE STUDY: Implement a Market Entry Strategy & Marketing Plan for a Japanese Conglomerate

Create and develop the entire MENA, Africa, Pakistan & Serbian marketing strategy in French, English & Arabic for a large Japanese consumer products conglomerate

CASE STUDY: Analytically Sound & Visually Stunning Corporate Presentations

Create ten, 30+ page corporate presentations summarizing the quarterly activities including regional maps, extensive charts, tables & unique summaries to demonstrate success for large multinational corporation to their corporate headquarters in Europe.