Anzema is an executive consultancy focused on the enterprise; we provide powerful knowledge and solutions based on the latest peer reviewed science and silicon valley startups to top decision makers at governments, large family businesses, family offices and publicly listed companies. Because innovation is accelerating and disrupting all types of sectors, our consultancy brings a VC & startup mindset plus insider knowledge of technological developments to different business functions: operations, IT, marketing, sales and specialized acquisition processes.


We study the status quo capabilities of a client and translate the vision of what they want to achieve into a realistic plan emphasizing the use of the latest revolutionary innovations.   We are technology agnostic and don't care which brand, technology platform, or mobile delivery system, is used : we only focus on the efficiency (cost and time) and effectiveness (results and chance of success).


  • Given the increasing disruption of all sectors including government by technology, decision makers require powerful knowledge about these changes to survive with sustainable growth.
  • The edge of human knowledge today is easy to find with the transparency of the internet and global research databases. Innovative institutions start where the last person stopped.
  • Unlike most traditional consulting firms in the region, who pretend that whatever they happen to offer is super innovative, we do systematic research on the latest scientific breakthroughs, startups, and disruptive technologies in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Singapore, Tokyo, and Eastern Europe etc.
  • By bringing the scientific method to decision making, businesses can save money by first testing the simplest solutions, tracking early results, and then deciding whether to commit more resources.